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Wonderlust: Wondering While Wandering, Ventures for an Inquiring Mind.

Richard O. Jacobs



Available only at Glenbridge Publishing Ltd.


Can we become a child again? We were born to explore, to be outdoors, to dig in the soft sand and peek under seductive and fascinating rocks, to be the curious child who won’t slow down, who won’t stop asking “why.” But somewhere along the way we get overwhelmed; our natural curiosity dulls; we see with different and less sensitive eyes. Contrary ideas grow uncomfortable and threatening. But often deep within us resides that curious child that can be restored, who can see the beauties and significance of our planet, our true home, and in the foreseeable future, our only home.

Traveling widely, Jacobs trained not only his eyes but also his soul to absorb the overwhelming beauties of tall mountains, expansive deserts, great seas, and massive glaciers. He inspires you to see as he sees, to perceive and understand. As Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Humans illuminate and shape our lives through stories, some literal truths, others from another time and era, developed when our own scientific truths were unknown, and the ancients imagined a limited universe ascribing natural phenomena to transcendent and ethereal origins. John Muir’s “Cathedral in the Wild” was Yosemite and Thoreau’s was Walden Pond. “For you, for me there are many choices.” The author’s cathedral is “that place among the wonders of nature where we find ourselves by losing ourselves in the rapture of the experience.”

Fly with the author’s birds in Norway; become one with the majestic and endless mountain ranges on the world’s continents; and experience the sweeping sand formations on the deserts of Africa. The disappearing icebergs still rise like mammoth incarnations caught by Jacobs’s breathless camera.


“Wonderlust will challenge your mind but warm your soul.”

Terry Boehm, President, Pinellas Education Foundation

“Each chapter of Wonderlust reads like a lovingly crafted poem to Planet Earth, with take-your-breath-away photographs by the author.”

Robert Emery, Author, Motion Picture and Television Producer

“Here is a book that educates you, in small bites, with breathtaking art and elegant wisdom. It inspires awareness that is the path to change.”

Susan Johnson, a principal and general counsel in Echelon, LLC

Richard O. Jacobs graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Wisconsin in 1954 with a degree in business and with high honors. After military service he moved to Florida and began a business career. In 1964 he decided upon a career in law, graduating from Stetson College of Law, first in his class, magna cum laude. Jacobs developed a passion for nature photography early and has trekked to many of the primitive sites on our globe, on all seven continents, from the Andes to the Himalayas, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. His photography and his treks throughout the world convinced him of nature’s spirituality and importance to mankind. This book reflects the culmination of his Wondering While Wandering, approached with the curiosity of his Child Within, researched with skills honed as a lawyer, and photographed with his passion for nature.


Cloth, 213 pages, 12×9 5/8
ISBN: 9780944435885
LC: 2014952860


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