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Caught in the Environmental Web

Bruce G. Siminoff –

The siren song of “Environmentalism” has enamored many. The Environmental Clean-Up Responsibility Act became law in New Jersey in 1983, but a myriad of complex regulations have created a hysterical torrent. Constitutional protections have been breached while a patchwork of rules and regulations has caused serious dislocations to commerce, jobs, and the lives of many ordinary citizens. In New Jersey, the storage of mounds of dirt can be illegal; failing in business can land a person in jail; grass clippings and leaves have become regulated waste products; to move a rock in a stream or to cut down a tree can bring heavy fines; and a farmer using water to grow blueberries or cranberries can be fined millions of dollars for despoiling “wet-lands.”

Cities cannot foreclose on companies that neglect to pay real estate taxes because, upon doing so, they become the present owner and hence responsible for clean up costs. Owners of older buildings have become financially responsible for the pollution of others. A Pennsylvania man is facing jail because he unwittingly filled in a wet area even while improving it. A New Jersey businessman currently faces a criminal indictment for the crime of “going out of business.” Victim takes the reader through the hysterical, convoluted process of present day environmental regulation, while attempting to seek a better solution. Bruce G. Siminoff believes it is possible to clean up the environment.

 “If this country is destroyed, it will be destroyed by mindless bureaucrats and Kafkaesque regulation much sooner than by the pollution we all want cleaned up.”Franklin G. Reick, President, Fluoramics Inc.

Victim provides many examples of how environmental overkill can cost jobs and economic loss while adversely affecting the lives of the people.” Richard L. Duprey, Director of Government Relations, Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey.

“I recommend it highly.” Alan Caruba, Bookviews

BRUCE G. SIMINOFF is a partner in a New Jersey based venture capital and real estate development company. He has served as president of Customedix Corporation, has served on numerous boards of directors, and is active in community volunteer activities. He is currently Chairman of the ECRA Task Force of the Commerce & Industry Association (N.J.), has written numerous articles, and lectures on the subject of environmental regulation.


Cloth, 300 pages, 6×9
ISBN 0-944435-19-X
LC 92-71366

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