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Susan Smith

Victim or Murderer

George Rekers, Ph.D.  –

Susan Smith — Victim or Murderer tackles the burning questions that grip everyone exposed to this news story: Why in the world did she do it? What was she thinking or feeling at the time of the crime? Was she psychotic — totally out of touch with reality? Did her own father’s suicide twist her mind as she was growing up as a child herself? These and other questions are explored by Dr. George Rekers.

Susan Smith — Victim or Murderer weaves psychological insight into the compelling mystery of why this seemingly caring mother would kill her own helpless little children. The story of the drowning of Michael and Alex by Susan Smith has gripped the nation like no other comparable case. A “murdering mother” demands much explaining. We expect every mother will instinctively care for and lovingly protect her dependent children.

Susan Smith — Victim or Murderer tells the complete story, the crime that has captured the interest of the American people

“It’s hard to believe she was really thinking of killing herself. . . driving a car into water is ‘a very atypical’ suicide method.” Charlotte [North Carolina] Observer

“Smith had a ‘retaliating-manipulating parent profile’ that led her to pretend to be a victim to get attention from a man she wanted as a lover.” The Post & Courie, Charleston, SC

“. . . the public will be interested in his book because people still ask: ‘Why in the world did she do this?’ ” The State, Columbia, SC 

GEORGE REKERS, Ph.D., is a professor of neuropsychiatry and behavioral science at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and a clinical psychologist in the teaching hospital that provided the court-ordered mental health evaluation for Susan Smith. Dr. Rekers is the designated spokesperson to the press regarding the mental evaluation procedures relating to the Susan Smith trial. Dr. Rekers has twenty-three years of clinical experience in conducting psychological evaluations and in rendering psychotherapy. He has written seven published books for the lay public and is an expert in the emotional effects of child sexual abuse upon individuals in their adulthood, a central issue in the Smith defense case.


Cloth, 230 pages, 6 X 9
ISBN 0-944435-38-6
LC 95-79296

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