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Keep Your Wits About You

Work Smart, Be Happy, Feel Great

Michelle Gall –

Many workplaces are not effective because they ignore their most valuable asset: purposeful employees — change agents who guide colleagues into bigger arenas and help them feel safe.

As you remove boundaries and help others thrive, you become a purposeful employee or WITS: Wise, Innovative, Thoughtful, and Spunky.

No company can thrive without its WITS. They are a constant source of energy and perspective for others, and they have an amazing ability to recharge their own batteries.

In business, smart people do not always succeed, gifted people cannot always contribute, and even WITS can lose touch with their higher selves. Of these three —smart, gifted, and WITS — the WITS are most essential for success.

Many companies are frustrated by their inability to grow leaders. They profess a desire for inspirational change agents, but they do not know what to do with them. WITS create environments that invite change and growth; they redefine traditional notions of leadership through originality and personal connection. They speak fluent change and know that the external environment is not the enemy, just isolation and habit. Because WITS do not fear change, they leave organizations when they cannot connect in meaningful ways; and when companies lose their WITS, they not only lose their most valuable employees but also lose perspective and their most expressive voices.


 “Keep Your WITS About You is an insightful guide that will prove especially valuable to leaders. . . The book is . . . sprinkled with relevant examples applicable in any industry or setting.”

Suzanne M. Boyle, RN, DNSc. 
Director of the Center for
Professional Practice Excellence,
Yale-New Haven Hospital

Keep Your WITS About You should be required reading for all executives and those aspiring to be executives. Michelle Gall does a remarkable job of explaining the importance of how inspired, truthful leadership contributes to organizational success and workplace excellence.”

Cal Darden
Senior Vice President, UPS


Michelle Gall is a credentialed executive coach, writer, and enthusiastic public speaker. She partners with individuals and organizations that are not satisfied with the status quo and want to break away from the ordinary.  A graduate of Yale, Michelle also studied at the Sorbonne and earned an MBA in Finance from New York University. Her work history includes a decade as a corporate executive and twelve years as a college professor. She has written numerous articles on leadership and is a Contributing Editor for Personal Excellence magazine.


Cloth, 194 pages, 6X9
ISBN 0-944435-56-4
LC 2004110820


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