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How We Communicate

The Most Vital Skill

Martin K. Barrack –

How We Communicate offers an integrated perspective exploring the history of communication and man’s need to make contact with others. Practical information on face to face and other personal communication techniques, the telephone and business systems is examined. We communicate through our use of language, our clothing, our manner and bearing. We exchange information through our telephone and business systems. Our messages are the sum of these diverse channels — conveyed to the minds of our associates, friends and family

Barrack investigates intriguing new frontiers and leads the reader far into the future. How we Communicate, a unique and insightful book, draws together the many aspects of the art of communication and the growing importance of what has become mankind’s Most Vital Skill.

 “Barrack presents a much broader definition of communication methods and effectiveness than traditional approaches offer making this an important contribution to understanding the new multi-disciplined approach to communication. . . .” Midwest Book Review

“. . . an excellent synopsis of the linguistic properties of several modern and artificial languages . . . Barrack has a knack for narrative prose and a sense of humor. . . Business communication receives exemplary attention. . . . . it is to the author’s credit that he treats precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance. . . and even prayer as legitimate fields of inquiry into the phenomenon of communication. . . recommended to a general readership and to the business community in particular. . . . ” Dr. Howard Kalwies, Department of Communication, Western Illinois University

“. . . fascinating new book. . . intriguing. . . Barrack is able to transform complex ideas into accessible terms. . . a book filled with information valuable to people of all ages and interest. . . a well-crafted overview. . . .” Book Break, Chicago.

MARTIN K. BARRACK is a retired telecommunication specialist formerly based in Washington, D.C. He holds a B.A. in English Literature from Hunter College and an M.A. in political Science from the New School of Social Research. He has been a licensed amateur radio operator for more than twenty-five years and has testified as an expert in that field before the Federal Communications Commission.


Cloth, 203 pages, 6×9
ISBN 0-944435-02-5
LC 88-81231


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