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For the Love of Seafood

For the Love of Seafood

Michael Francis Bavota


Simple and delicious seafood recipes for a successful cooking experience.

“The Only Seafood Cookbook You Will Ever Need”

This enjoyable introduction to some of the world’s most beloved foods reveals the essential secrets for success in buying and cooking delicious and nutritious seafood. Designed for the average cook — from mothers and dads to bachelors to inspired teenage chefs — it is based on popular, readily available seafood found in most neighborhood supermarkets.

This book will bring seafood and smiles back to your dinner table. An important feature of For the Love of Seafood is the complete set of guidelines for buying fresh or frozen seafood. There are hints, facts, and cautions you are not likely to find anywhere else. You’ll find important information on the health impact of eating seafood as well as entertaining lore on popular types of fish and shellfish used in the recipes.

The recipes in this book are modeled to satisfy your family, your guests, and to look great on your dinner table. Each meal is quick and full of wonderful flavor.

At the beginning of each new category you will find interesting background information on the fish you will be preparing. You will see examples of the different types of products in a group. Where needed, you will learn easy cleaning, preparation, and cooking methods. Then you are ready to cook and enjoy. MICHAEL FRANCIS BAVOTA is a well-known supermarket seafood expert, respected nationally for his vast experience in training seafood associates in the business of day-to-day market operations. He has supervised and assisted more than 300 store grand openings/remodels and trained thousands of seafood managers and associates to maximize sales and profits throughout the country. Bavota understands the seafood consumer and what it takes to provide excellent service. He has mastered the skills to personally educate and instill confidence in cooking seafood simply and successfully in the home. He has conducted seafood cooking shows and has served as a “National Lead Trainer” to the United States Department of Commerce/NOAA/NMFS, and as a Journal Columnist for Seafood Business, Supermarket Business, and the American Seafood Institute Report.


The author shares his vast knowledge of the seafood industry and has created a cookbook that people can actually read. Any average home cook can use For the LOVE of SEAFOOD and have a true seafood restaurant dining experience in the home. — Tony Bonna, President, New York Food Sales.

My customers are always asking for simple seafood recipes. For the LOVE of SEAFOOD is the quintessential resource for cooking seafood. Recipes are easy…and they taste good! ─ Paul Harrington, President, Kingstown Seafood.

I love this book! The recipes are easy to prepare and taste good. . . I especially like how each chapter taught me where the fish comes from, how they are caught, and I how to select really fresh fish at my neighborhood supermarket – Gladys McLaughlin

For the LOVE of SEAFOOD takes the guesswork out of buying and cooking seafood in the home. . . This amazing seafood cookbook deserves a spot on the shelf in every kitchen. . .The recipes are easy to read, easy to follow, and delicious! Phil Melfi — President, Ocean Cuisine, Farmingdale, NY

239 pages
ISBN:  978-0-944435-76-2


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