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Flying the Stock Market

Pilot your Dollars to Success

Franklin G. Reick with Bruce G. Siminoff  –

As a longtime private pilot, Frank Reick believes that he has utilized the learned experiences of aviation to connect many other abilities, such as the skills necessary to perform successful investing.Flying The Stock Market contains investment strategies that are easy to learn, have worked for the author, and that can work for you. They are time-tested. Reick’s principles can be followed by beginners, intermediate, or sophisticated investors. You can learn from the advice outlined even if you choose to permit others to manage your money. The strategies found in Flying The Stock Markettook many years to develop, and during that time winners, losers, and blind alleys were negotiated. Distilled from these experiences were rules and disciplines needed to accomplish investment success. You can learn these principles easily and can reap profits in the stock market. Flying The Stock Market is enjoyable to read, instructive, and yet easily understandable.

Based on a system of technical analysis, Reick’s method details chart reading and how they can predict the future course of individual stocks as well as the market as a whole. While many so-called stock experts rely on only one or two guides, the authors describe many indicators that can be cross-checked for accuracy, just as several instruments on an airplane assist the pilot in navigational accuracy.

  “Highly recommended for all investors and for those who want to become investors. Reich and Siminoff have put together what should be a best seller.” The Patriot of New Jersey

Flying the Stock Market is not only brilliant, but also entertaining . . . .” Michael Ebert, Attorney at Law

FRANK REICK is a businessman, scientist, inventor, investor, pilot, and activist citizen. He is the recipient of an award from the Guinness Book of Records where his invention, “Tufoil,” is described as “the world’s most efficient lubricant.” His successful investment strategies parallel his winning individual efforts in the scientific field. He is founder, president, and CEO of Fluoramics, Inc. a manufacturing company located in Mahwah, New Jersey. Reick, a self-made millionaire, has been an avid stock market investor and a private pilot since the 1960s.


Cloth, 310 pages, 6×9
Business, Investing
ISBN 0-944435-41-6
LC 96-75841


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