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International Security

Personal Protection in an Uncertain World.

Orlando Wilson.

Book format: EPUB & MOBI eBook format.

With more than 23 years of working in international personal security, Orlando Wilson offers a vast amount of information to protect and to educate everyone, whether at home or traveling. In an era of declining economies, increasing crime rates, and the ever-present threat of terrorism, International Security, Personal Protection in an Uncertain World, provides simple, effective, and tested techniques and procedures that can be applied by the general public and security professionals alike.

You will find unique perspectives on international travel, such as travel security, hotel safety, and the sex industry. If you are heading for high-risk areas, you will find information on counter-surveillance, basic tactics, and how to deal with kidnappings. Everything presented is based on personal experience, realitybased with tested theories, information that could save your assets, your life, and the lives of your family.

“Inside these pages is a wealth of information of what works in real life. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned pro, you will learn new techniques and tactics that will complement your level of security knowledge.” Adam Thick, Owner, Extreme Kidnapping

“Outstanding practical advice! The author provides the average citizen, businessman, traveler, or tourist with simple and efficient tools to maintain his/her safety while traveling or at home.” V/R, Sal Behar, MD, Tactical Medicine

“This book will pay dividends beyond its cost in risk assessment [and] crisis avoidance. . .” Richard Fuher, Yacht Captain, USCG, Master & Ship Security Officer

“Very well written. After reading this book, the level of professionalism shows through and reaches many points that are overlooked by many top professionals.” Wes McCarroll, Investigator/Security Specialist, Sentencing Consultants and Private Investigators, LLC

“[This security book] is informative. It is written with many examples of real world incidents, which you will relate to regardless where you live. Can be used as a training manual for every day personal life and for security professionals.” Orna Kadosh, IK, Yacht Design, Inc.

“As an undercover photographer, I sometimes have to infiltrate dangerous areas unarmed. This book helped me sharpen my global awareness so that, at every moment, I have several steps in advance from the lurking danger.” Benoît Mussche, photographer – image processing expert,

Orlando Wilson has initiated, provided, and managed an extensive range of specialist security including investigation and tactical training services to international corporate, private, and government clients. Some services have been the first of their kind in the respective countries. His experience has included: providing close protection for Middle Eastern Royal families and varied corporate clients, specialist security and asset protection, diplomatic building and embassy security, kidnap and ransom services, corporate investigations, and intelligence, tactical, and paramilitary training for private individuals, specialist police units, and government agencies.

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Security, Protection
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