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E-Motion Picture Magic

A Movie Lover’s Guide to Healing and Transformation.

Birgit Wolz, Ph.D.

Book format: EPUB & MOBI eBook format.

Like no other medium before it, the popular movie presents the potential of a new power for illuminating the depth of human experience. E-Motion Picture Magic employs that power as a tool to increase consciousness.

Cinema therapy offers more perspective on life, prompting the viewer to step back from his or her problems in order to feel less insecure, worried, or discontented. Using films for self-improvement allows a shift in perspective when viewed with conscious awareness.

The use of movies for personal growth and healing carries forward a long-standing connection between storytelling and self-reflection that may date back to the beginnings of spoken language. The movie experience used in very specific ways can have significant benefits for those who are willing to apply themselves using E-Motion Picture Magic that can be both beneficial as well as enjoyable.


“Imagine! Using the power of movies to discover and explore your important life issues. What a creative and enchanting way to gain perspective and make the changes you yearn for. Birgit Wolz’s innovative E-Motion Picture Magic effectively guides you through this process, throwing in generous doses of fun as well.”

Elayne Savage, Ph.D.
Author of Don’t Take It Personally!The Art of Dealing with Rejection
and Breathing Room —
Creating Space to Be a Couple

“Clearly a love of movies and the desire to help people have inspired Dr. Wolz. Read E-Motion Picture Magic and you will never watch movies the same way again. Entertainment fueling personal growth is an intriguing path to enriching one’s life and hopefully to creating a better world.”

Frank G. Sommers, M.D., FRCPC
Psychiatrist and Filmmaker

Dr. BIRGIT WOLZ has lived in the United States since 1989. Her love for motion pictures led her to a psychotherapy practice using the power of movies as an adjunct to traditional therapeutic methods in her work with individual clients, couples, and groups.

Dr. Wolz has published articles on this subject in numerous periodicals and journals including the International Academy of Family Psychology, The Therapist, and Viewpoint. She is in demand for media interviews and presents workshops worldwide. Her popular web site is widely recognized as being the most accessible and all-encompassing site on the subject of cinema therapy. She writes a column for The Therapist on therapeutic movie reviews and has served as a visiting faculty member at JFK University in Pleasant Hill, California.


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